TMC2209 Super Silent Stepper driver

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MKS Trinamic TMC2209 Stepper Driver Module.

Pin compatible with Pololu stepper drivers.

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TMC2209 Super Silent Stepper driver

2-phase stepper motors up to 2.8A coil current (peak), 2A RMS
STEP/DIR Interface with 8, 16, 32 or 64 microstep pin setting
Smooth Running 256 microsteps by MicroPlyer™ interpolation
StealthChop2™ silent motor operation
SpreadCycle™ highly dynamic motor control chopper
StallGuard4™ load and stall detection for StealthChop
CoolStep™ current control for energy savings up to 75%
Low RDSon, Low Heat-Up LS 170mΩ & HS 170mΩ (typ. at 25°C)
Voltage Range 4.75… 29V DC
Low Power Standby to fit standby energy regulations
Internal Sense Resistor option (no sense resistors required)
Passive Braking, Freewheeling, and automatic power down
Single Wire UART & OTP for advanced configuration options
Integrated Pulse Generator for standalone motion
Full Protection & Diagnostics

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