TMC5160 Stepper driver

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MKS Trinamic TMC5160 Stepper Driver Module.

Pin compatible with Pololu stepper drivers.

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TMC5160 Stepper driver

Product Name: BIGTREETECH TMC5160 V1.2

Working mode: only SPI mode
Maximum subdivision: 256
8-35V motor power supply, maximum 3.0 A RMS
3-5V Logic Power Supply Voltage
Maximum current: 4.4A (the sense resistor determines the maximum current);
  dcStep™—-let the motor run near its limit load and speed limit
  spreadCycle™—–Low noise, low resonance and low vibration chopper.
  coolStep™—–current control function
3. Product Advantages
(1)External power MOS tube can support larger current, the maximum current can reach
20A (because the module is limited by area, the current cannot exceed)
(2)Super-mute mode
(3)Low calorific value
(4)can prevent motor shake
(5)not easy to lose step
(6)can drive 57 stepper motor
Special note : Currently only firmware of Marlin 2.0 and above supports the SPI mode of TMC5160.

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