We welcome schools and other government organisations

As part of our continues service and local schools and government support we are happy to let you know that we are offering payment terms to all government organisations.

The offer extends past our Australian made 3d printers and the 3D printer filament

We are happy to source the equipment and/or components that you need and supply them to you

We can come to you to demonstrate our Wombot 3D printers that are easy to use and service

Being open source our printers are easy to use service. Even post warranty maintenance is cheap due to popularity and availability of most components.
Also it is worth to note that even though we encourage to our Wombot 3D printers do not require you to use our filament exclusively. It is open source and you could use other suppliers/manufacturers as well.

Get in touch with us

Interested to know how we can help your organisation? Send us a message and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.