Our Australian made 3d printers are made by us locally in Melbourne by us. We design them and we build them – we specialise in a large scale printers – when the size matters

  • Aurarum Custom 1400x2100x730 3D printerAurarum Custom 1400x2100x730 3D printer Quick View
  • Aurarum Vega 300 IDEX COREXY 3D printer 200+mm/s (325x340x420)Aurarum Vega 300 IDEX COREXY 3D printer 200+mm/s (325x340x420) Quick View
  • Aurarum Vega 600 IDEX CoreXY 3D printer 200+mm/s (625x530x730)Aurarum Vega 600 IDEX CoreXY 3D printer 200+mm/s (625x530x730) Quick View
  • Aurarum Vega 970 IDEX 3D printerAurarum Vega 970 IDEX 3D printer Quick View
    • Aurarum Vega 970 IDEX 3D printerAurarum Vega 970 IDEX 3D printer Quick View
    • Aurarum Vega 970 IDEX 3D printer

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    • Meet our large scale Australian designed and built 3D printer. The 3d printer has a build volume up to 980 x 890 x 1050 mm It comes with dual independent extruders that allow you to 3d print either in 2 colours/materials, or printing a copy or a mirror of the same object. The printer allows you to double your productivity…
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  • Aurarum Vega Belt 3d printer 480mm wideAurarum Vega Belt 3d printer 480mm wide Quick View

Wombot is a family of sturdy Australia-made 3D printers that will become your trusted helpers. Manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations, Wombot machines will find their place in classrooms, crafters’ corners, and on big industrial premises. Durable and ready to use right out-of-the-box, they will aid you in hobbies and business projects alike.

Wombot product line encompasses a variety of 3D printers for different purposes. They are custom-made in Australia, sturdy and convenient in design, and affordable for the majority of prospective users. Whether you need a basic desktop printing kit or a room-sized behemoth for printing big models or prototypes, you can buy a Wombot 3d printer that is the most suitable option.

Essential And Additional Features Of Wombot 3D Printers To Look For

The main parameters 3D printers are usually selected after are the size of the printing area, materials to print with, bed alignment system, enclosed or non-enclosed frame, number of extruders, operating temperatures, and some advanced features like printing with additives, etc. So, if you have a question which Wombot 3d printer should I buy, read on to get the guidelines for your exploration.


When evaluated against these parameters, this brand of machines provides an ample field for choosing. Wombot 3d printers in Australia are made as open-frame and enclosed devices that allow for printing with materials that can emit potentially toxic fumes.

They can come in designs that offer classic build sizes (from small 100x100x130 mm to large 250x250x320mm) and expand into huge printing machines with a printing area of approximately 500x500x500mm (fully enclosed for safety).


Wombot printers are available with dual extruders which means you can print with two colors. Nozzle temperatures can also vary, thus allowing you to use the filaments that melt under high temperatures. Just be sure to check if a given 3D printer model includes the option of particularly high temperature levels. All models are equipped with BLTouch technology that auto-aligns the printing bed. No need to fumble with screws and align each leg separately.

It also depends on a model if you can print with customized filaments that contain additives like metal or wood. Check the nozzle type to know for sure that this option is included.


Key Types Of Wombot 3D Printers To Consider

This printer family caters to different needs and budgets, so you’ll be able to source a device that fits your image of a perfect 3D printer. We will name Wombot Ceto V2, Cubus, and Exilis XL as the most popular models in different weight categories (in literal and figurative meanings).

Wombot Ceto is the tiniest model with full enclosure, with Marlin software and a basic set of functions.


Wombot Exilis XL offers an open-frame design and impressive 250x250x320mm build size. It also comes as open-source, compatible with gcode files, and featuring BLTouch technology.

Wombot Cubus is a logical continuation of this line with its huge fully enclosed cubicle (hence the name). The extra big build size 500x500x500mm allows you to print practically anything. Plus, you can work with fumes-emitting filaments and reduce stench and fumes concentration in the workshop.


How To Choose Wombot 3d Printer That Is Right For You

As you see, choosing a Wombot 3d printer can be a matter of many factors, so first, sort out your needs and spending capacity, and then decide on the model. Smaller and simpler models will cost less, thus making a perfect device for beginners, school projects, and hobbyists. Bigger models with enclosure and probably additional features will cost significantly more, but if your business depends on it, you can invest your funds in such a device safely. Costs of Wombot 3d printers depend on size, the number of features, and additional options.


All models are compatible with popular open-source software and rely on Marlin as a printer-side firmware. They are also compatible with custom parts and tools that you may want to incorporate into the original kit. So you can either unbox the 3D printer and print as is or unleash your inner Nicola Tesla and upgrade or improve the printer build as you please. So, it’s totally up to your preferences and needs what Wombot 3d printer to buy.


Simple Steps To Buy The 3D Printer You Need

You can order the desired model online and get it shipped to you to any corner of the world. Definitely, if you plan to buy a Wombot 3d printers in Melbourne, you’ll have a headlong advantage over, say, Canadians who will have to wait for delivery significantly longer than you. Otherwise, the procedure is convenient and simple. Order, pay and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Warranty is included. But with Wombot printers, we are sure you won’t feel the need to use it. Wombot devices are straightforward, reliable, and strong, thus embodying a truly Australian character.