BIQU EZ2209 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver Stepstick Compatible with SKR 3 EZ Manta E3 EZ 3D Printer Controller Main Board

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  • Size: 18.5*19.8 mm, drive current 1.6A, peak current 2A, voltage range12 V- 24 V, 256 subdivision. BTT EZ2209 stepper motor driver can directly use with Mnata E3 EZ and SKR 3 EZ motherboard. EZ2209 can also well-matched with I3 Mega, Octopus V1.2, SKR 3 and other popular main boards by using BTT EZ driver connector.
  •  An innovative 2 in 1 combination of stepper driver and new large aluminum heat sink enables EZ2209 stepper driver better heat dissipation, declining energy consumption to a minimum as well as protecting the driver chip from external damage.
  • The pinless structure of EZ2209 stepper driver can protects you from finger prick. Moreover, its anti-misplugging design ensures you to insert the driver in a correct direction and removes you from dangers caused by driver misplugging. Tip: it is necessary to use EZ driver connector if you want to use EZ drivers in non-EZ design motherboard.
  • EZ2209 stepper motor driver adopts stealthChop2 Mute technology which reduces motor noise to the point of silence at low velocities to ensures noiseless operation, maximum efficiency and best motor torque.
  • EZ2209 stepper motor driver is made of 4 layers PCB for superior performance and a longer service life. 

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