Aurarum Vega 725 CoreXY dual extruder 3D printer up to 200mm/s (725x725x970)

AUD9,499.95 Inc GST

Meet our large scale Australian designed and built 3D printer.

The 3d printer has a build volume up to 725x725x970

It comes with dual extruders that allow you to 3d print either in 2 colours/materials

Dual Extruder CoreXY for fast printing – printing speed up to 200mm/s

High flow Rapido hotend


In stock (can be backordered)




Large build volume – 725x725x970- that is 46 liters of build volume in a single mode

Dual extruders – allows multiple material/colour 3d printing:

  • Single material single extruder
  • Two colour printing
  • Main material plus supports material dual extruder printing
All 4 Ballscrews are independent and thus llows four corner levelling

Motion X/Y: Hiwin linear rails, 10mm GT2 belts suitable up to 120C

High quality large gear extruders made by Bondtech

Ensured great extrusion properties and compatibility with soft materials as well

They require little to no maitenance

Controller: Duet3d with a touchscreen

Wifi connectivity for the file transfer and printer control

Duet controllers run on RepRap firmware that is used industry wide as a reliable solution

It is widely used in industrial application

Allows future feature integration with relatively easy upgrade installation

Our printers come with Auto Bed Levelling that is done utilising BLtouch sensor
Bed: 12mm tooling grade cast aliuminium bed for maximum flatness

This grade of aliuminium reduces warping possibility

The printer comes with a magnetic PEI bed that works really well with most materias



Phaetus Rapido Plus Ultra High Flow hotends are used in Vega printers

These extruders have flow of over 80mm3/s (depending on the material and

the nozzle size)

The hotend is capable up to 350C and can be fitted with hardened nozzles

Proudly designed and built in Australia – by us in Melbourne
Compatible materials PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, TPE, Carbon fiber variations and more
Construction Frame: Aliuminium frame, fully enclosed with acrylic sides and doors
Movement speeds Up to 200mm/s
Dimensions: 1000x1000x1350


Please note our printers are built to order. Usual delivery time 2-3 weeks but might vary.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 1100 × 1100 × 1100 cm



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