Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D printer

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Flashforge 3D printer

Adventurer is one of the most user friendly Flashforge 3D printer.

Wifi, Intermal memory, SD card and USB printing.

The enclosed 3D printer body and active cooling fans allow better 3D printing environment control that improved your print quality.

3.5″ colour touch sceen LCD

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Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D printer

Patented Extruder Structure + No Leveling Printing:FlashForge adventurer 3 patented extruder structure, fully upgraded, steady filament loading, turbofan and air guide improve printing result. Ready-to-use and no leveling printing preventing any printing imprecision due to improper leveling.

Adventure3 has automatic filament feeding function: Printer will detect filament and start loading automatically after filament has been inserted into the intake.



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