Vacuum drying oven – high temp DZF-6020(S)

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Quality vacuum drying oven made out of stainless steel.

Ideal for high temp filament drying such as PA (nylon), PEI, PEEK, PEKK and other

Please note vacuum pump is not included.

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Vacuum drying oven – high temp DZF-6020(S)


Vacuum Drying oven widely used in biochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research applications for powder Drying and roasting, as well as disinfection and sterilization of glass containers used. Particularly suitable for Drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, and the complex composition of easily oxidized material items for fast and efficient Drying.


The technical advantages  Vacuum environment greatly reduces the need to get rid of the liquid boiling point, so the vacuum Drying heat-sensitive material can be easily applied for is not easy to Drying the sample, such as powder or other granular samples using a vacuum Drying can effectively shorten the Drying time.



  1. Interior chamber use streamline arc design, the outer is made of cold-rolled steel plate, the surface use the electrostatic spray.
  2. Liner is made ​​of stainless steel or cold rolled material, easy to clean because of corners semicircular.
  3. The door’s elastic of the oven can be adjusted by the customer.
  4. Overall shape of the silicone rubber door seal to ensure a high vacuum oven, control panel with microcomputer control, solenoid control vacuum valve switch.
  5. With time and over-temperature alarm function, the door use double glass, so the articles in Inner can be watched.


Model Voltage



range (℃)

Timing range Accu racy


Degree of vacuum Power (KW) Inner size (mm)(H*W*D) Overall dimension



Packing size(mm)


Net weight(KG) Shiping weight


DZF-6020(S) 220 50~200 0~999min ±1 <133 0.9 280×300×300 450×635×465 670*760*600 42.5 52.5
DZF-6050(S) 1.4 400×415×350 570×750×515 790*870*640 65 75


1.The modes with “S” is stainless steel inner

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 50 cm