Genuine Bondtech Slice Engineering Copperhead? For DDX/LGX

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Copperhead™ For DDX/LGX

This Copperhead™ hotent set is the right configuration to install with Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality.

To use this Copperhead™ hotend on your DDX,
you will also need the DDX Adapter set for Copperhead™.

It also fits the LGX™ DD extruder.

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Nozzle not included : )

High Performance Heat

Rated up to 450°C, the Copperhead™ hot-end covers a wide gamut of printable thermoplastics and uses the same Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology found in the ground-breaking Mosquito™ to optimize heat transfer and reduce heat-creep. Modern design and high-quality materials are used, including a hardened Nickel plated Copper Alloy hot block, and a bimetallic heat break with Stainless Steel and Copper Alloy.

About the Heat Sink

The cutting-edge Heat Break and Hot Block that Slice Engineering designed for the Copperhead™, are its biggest advantage against the competition. That’s why in many occasions the Heat Sink it self can be skipped, and users can keep the one that come with their printers.

If you want to use the Heat Sink you currently have in your printer, just select above a compatible Heat Break and use the “No heat Sink” option.


Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Standard, Mirror

Filament size

1.75mm, 2.85/3.00mm



The company was established in 2014 by Martin Bondéus, who had previously used the 3D printing technology in his work as a product developer. When certain patents regarding the FDM technology expired at the beginning of the 2010s, Martin set out to build a 3D printer based on a pre-designed kit. The result, however, wasn’t satisfying. The performance and quality just weren’t there. Stubbornly, Martin therefore started building his very own printer from the ground up, not using kit products. This time the result was much better, but unfortunately still not good enough. Grinding, slipping and under extrusion translated into several failed prints. Scouring the internet for advice, he realized that the problem with bad, unreliable extrusion was universal. Everyone seemed to suffer from the same dilemma. An idea was born. Today, Bondtech manufactures Bondtech Dual Drive extruders and other innovative 3D printing products to users and retailers across the world. Constantly improving our offer, we believe this is just the beginning.