DyzeXtruder Pro 1.75mm

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DyzeXtruder Pro is lightweight and all-metal 3d printer extruder and also has one of the smallest form factors on the market: it is not larger than the NEMA 17 it uses, making it very space efficient on a multiple extruders configuration. Besides, the extruder is stronger than ever. With the improved teeth and new bearings types, the DyzeXtruder Pro is able to push as much as 10 kg (22 pounds) of force. This is more than necessary for all 3D printing applications. Finally, the new backblock has cooling fins for increased heat spreading in room environments.

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DyzeXtruder Pro 1.75mm


Toolless HotEnd Removal

Take your hotend off your extruder in just a few seconds with the thumb screw. This will loosen the groove mount and free your hotend.

Multiple Mounting Possibilities

The side mounting threads make it very easy to assemble; two M3 screws are included to fit the DyzeXtruder Pro on a printer, bracketless. You can also mount the extruder on a panel.


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