Importance of the nozzle height

In 3d printing it is very important to have correct nozzle height.

Too high or two low is bad either way – it has to be perfect 🙂 
If the nozzle is too high the print will not stick to the bed and it come off.
If the nozzle is too close to the bed the plastic will be sqaushed too much to the bed and might cause one of the following issues:
– Elephant toe
– print will come off
– might even block the nozzle
extensive manual on how to tune the z offset you can find here:
 Bes gauge for the gap is the piece of standard paper – when you drag the paper back and forwards you should feel slight resistance.
Make sure that the nozzle has been preheated prior to levelling the nozzle.

What value need to be changed

Please follow the instructions in the link above. After the value has been determined adjust the offset value in the config.g file.

Processed to the printer window in your browser.

Under System find file called congif.g. click on it.
Once it is open find the line that starts with G31. Adjust the Z value at the end by the amount that you have determined in the steps earlier.

What if the nozzle still not perfect

If the nozzle is still not perfect you still can make adjustments after the printer has started.

Simply from the Status section either on the Touchscreen of the printer or the web browser use the Babystepping option. This will allow you to adjust the nozzle gap – increase or reduce as required.

This way you can achieve perfect gap.