Preheating hotend

Preheating the hotend can be done in two ways – one is through the tocuh screen and the second one using web browser


Hotend components

 Vega 3d printers use Bondtech LGX extruders with Slice Engineering copperhead hotends.
Filament Goes through the filament sensor and into the extruder. The red leaver in the image assures the pressure on the filament.

The other main components are filament cooling fan and the BLtouch sensor that is used for the auto levelling

The heater block and the nozzle are joined with the heatsink via smooth thermal break. The screw in the image releases that thermal break and allows the whole assembly to be removed and replaced with a new one if needed.

The same screw is also used to adjust the nozzle heigh in the dual extruder setup. Release the screw and the assembly will slide up and down. Tension it again once desired heigh has been achieved.

Loading the filament

Best location for the filament spool holder is on top of the printer.

The filament is fed through into the printer via the tubes on top of the printer.

Push the filament through the tube until the filament reaches the filament sensor.

Once it has reached the filament sensor it is easiest to disconnect the filament sensor and after the filament is pushed through reinstall it.

Push the filament into the filament comes out of the nozzle and lock the red leaver into a place.

For hard filament one to two clicks should be sufficient.

The filament can be also extruded and retracted via the browser interface.4

Please note that the extrude/retract function will not be available if the nozzle is not selected and/or preheated to minimum 180C