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Bulk 3D printer filament spools

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How many of us gets annoyed about unfinished filament on the spools? When you have filament left on the spool and it is not enough for anything – might be able to print something small, but can’t be bothered storing that little bit left over forever but can’ spare the space?

Or maybe you have prints that take multiple 1kg spools and you have to keep an eye and keep replacing the spools? What if you get caught up with other work and missed that timing to replace the spool?

Did you know that being Australian 3d printer manufacturer we can offer you bulk 3D printer filament spools. Our standard spools are 1kg spools, but we can offer you 2-5kg spools as well in ABS, PLA, PETG and TPU. We can offer most of the colours and the lead time usually is 1-2 weeks.

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