PLA filament price

As some of you might know that there is industry wide shortage of the PLA raw materials. This shortage is not directly related to the 3d […]

What our customers print (2)

At Aurarum we support community and the biggest contribution is our supply of the 3D printer filament to Mat Bowtell’s established Free 3D hands pty ltd. […]

What do our customers print (1)

This wonderfully looking R2D2 prop. We have fair few customers that are 3D printing movie props. Most of the enthusiast print the movie props out of […]

6 month interest free

Did you know that we offer 6 months interest free payment options with SKYE Mastercard? The process is even easier now to apply. Minimum order amount […]

Did you know about our commercial size spools?

Knowing that a lot of prints these days can go over 100 hours and use few kg of filament we started making large commercial reels. We […]

Welcome to Aurarum | Wombot

Aurarum is a true Australian Aurarum is a true Australian manufacturer that is here to support and provide you with 3D printer supplies. We manufacture and […]
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