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What do our customers print (1)

what a wonderful R2D2 model!

This wonderfully looking R2D2 prop. We have fair few customers that are 3D printing movie props. Most of the enthusiast print the movie props out of the PLA. This particular R2D2 model has been printed out of the Aurarum PETG 3D printer filament. At Aurarum we make a large range of colours of our filament in PETG, PLA, ABS and TPU. Most of the colours are made in 1.75mm diameter and also we have few colours in 2.85mm (just because most of the 3d printers using 1.75mm and the 2.85mm 3D printer filament becoming less and less popular).

As most of you know all our 3D printer filament is made here in Melbourne. On a request we can make pretty much any colour in most of the materials and sizes. We could even match the colour to your corporate colour if need be 🙂

For those who have super long/large prints we can produce large size bulk spools, that range from 1kg to 5+kg. Please feel free to inquire about our custom colour and size 3d Printer filament.

Have you noticed a fleet of the Wombot 3D printers in the background? All of the models that we make are large volume 3D printers. We can make custom printers too.

As part of our daily operations we have worked on a custom filament/materials development. Most of the exciting is the PVC 3d printer filament development for one of our Australian customers. If you need a hand and want something custom – please feel free and get in touch with us.