Who we are

Our website address is: https://aurarum.com.au.


What is covered

Manufacturing faults and defects are covered under these terms and conditions

Coverage periods

  • All our filament is covered for inconsistencies. If there is a faulty filament we will replace it if you notify us on time and ship the faulty filament back. We will not raplace filament spool if 90% of it has been already consumed
  • Most of the 3d printer parts are deemed consumables due to their nature. We will replace any parts and components only if they are DOA and/or are faulty on arrival
  • Electronic controller boards are open source boards – they are covered only for manufacturers faults. They can be easily damaged if you upload wrong firmware – we cannot replace them in such a situation
  • 3D printers come with 12 month warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover consumable items such as – thermistors, thermocouples, belts, nozzles and other that are deemed to be consumables and/or would require regular maintenance.
  • All warranty is provided on back to base terms. We will ship repaired item to you if was faulty. If the equipment has missfunctioned due to the user error and there was no fault involved we will have to invoice you for the maintenance time and shipping costs involved.
  • We can provide the replacement parts if you are willing to replace them yourself
  • Warranty doesn’t cover any items that have been modified by a user in any way

Other information

  • 3d Printers may produce fumes that might be harmful to humans. Make sure that the printers are placed in well ventilated area and away from the bedrooms
  • It is not recommended to leave any of the 3d printers unattended for an extended period of time. We cannot take responsibility for any failures/faults and/or damage caused by 3d printers