Water Cooling Chiller System CW-6100AN for Glass and Metal CO2 Laser Tube

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Water cooling chiller system CW-6100 is often used whenever there is a precise cooling need for 400W CO2 laser glass tube or 150W CO2 laser metal tube. It offers a cooling capacity of 4200W with the stability of ±0.5℃, optimized for high performance at low temperature. Maintaining consistent temperature can keep the laser tube efficient and optimize its overall operation. This process water chiller comes with a powerful water pump which guarantees the cold water can be fed reliably to the laser tube. Charged with R-410a refrigerant, CW-6100 Co2 laser chiller is friendly to the environment and is in compliance with CE, RoHS and REACH standards.

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Intelligent temperature controller

The temperature controller offers high precision temperature control of ±0.5°C and two user-adjustable temperature control modes – constant temperature mode and intelligent control mode.

Easy-to-read water level indicator

The water level indicator has 3 color areas – yellow, green and red.

Yellow area – high water level.

Green area – normal water level.

Red area – low water level.

Caster wheels for easy mobility

Four caster wheels offer easy mobility and unmatched flexibility.

Ventilation Distance

Product Working Principle


Product Parameters
Model CW-6100AI CW-6100BI CW-6100AN CW-6100BN
Voltage AC 1P 220-240V AC 1P 220-240V AC 1P 220-240V AC 1P 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
Current 0.8~12.4 A 0.8~10.1 A 2.3~13.9A 2.1~11.4A
Machine power 2.03kW 1.66kW 2.43kW 1.93kW
Compressor power 1.75kW 1.38kW 1.75kW 1.38kW
2.38HP 1.88HP 2.38HP 1.88HP
Nominal cooling capacity 14466Btu/h 13925Btu/h 14466Btu/h 13925Btu/h
4.24kW 4.08kW 4.24kW 4.08kW
3645Kcal/h 3508Kcal/h 3645Kcal/h 3508Kcal/h
Refrigerant charge 870g 920g 870g 920g
Pump power 0.1kW 0.37kW
Max. lift 25M 27M
Max. flow 16L/min 70L/min
N.W. 62Kgs 60Kgs 68Kgs 63Kgs
G.W. 72Kgs 70Kgs 75Kgs 73Kgs
Refrigerant R-410a
Precision ±0.5℃
Reducer Capillary
Tank capacity 14L
Inlet and outlet Rp1/2″
Dimension 67 X 47 X 89cm (L X W X H)
Package dimension 74 X 61 X 103cm (L X W X H)

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