PrintDry Filament Dryer Additional Chamber Kit (double-wall)

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Used with the PrintDry Filament Dryer 2.0.

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PrintDry Filament Dryer Additional Chamber Kit (double-wall)

With our additional chamber kit, the dryer can be used for 4 1Kg spools, which means one dryer can serve more printers.

To dry and feed two more additional spools with max 200mm or 8″ spool outside diameter.

Package includes:

  1. Plastic tray x2
  2. Metal shafts x2
  3. Support bridge x1
  4. Big spool adapters x4
  5. Small spool adapters x4


Q: Can I use more than one additional chamber kit with my dryer?

A: Yes. Due to the stackable chamber design, you can use multiple additional chamber kits per dryer; however, the temperature and stability decrease as you add more chambers. We don’t recommend using more than two additional chamber kits per dryer.



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