Phaetus Dragon HF 3d printer hotend

AUD139.95 Inc GST

High Temperature Resistant

High temperature resistance up to 500 ℃

Copper alloy for core parts

The hotend’s core parts are mainly composed of plated copper

Heat faster and heat emission better

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Phaetus is committed to the design of high-end 3D printing sprinkler head system and the development of printing material process, provides customers with printer software and hardware integration solutions. For example, in order to solve the problem of low precision, poor temperature resistance and short life of the nozzle on the market; we independently developed and have a Ruby Nozzle suitable for printing special materials; To solve the problem of Hotned thermal efficiency and heat dissipation caused by molten deposition, we developed Dragon Hotend with independent intellectual property rights to meet the purchase/customization needs of 3D printing equipment manufacturers. Phaetus will not change its direction and goal of providing high-end product design and solutions to global 3D printing customers through continuous product innovation to solve customers’ pain points.