PEI Adhesive Build Surface 255x255mm

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255 x 255 mm Adhesive Build Surface 0.2mm thick

3D Printer Bed PEI (Polyetherimide) Self-Adhesive Sheet

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PEI Adhesive Build Surface 255x255mm

The PEI sheet is suited to use with ABS, PLA, PVA or HIPS  parts adhere directly to the surface without a problem. It is an amorphous high-performance polymer with high mechanical efficiency and excellent thermal resistance, chemical stability, high dimensional stability and creep strength.

PEI doesn’t require any prepping before each print apart from an occasional wipe with some 75~90% isopropyl alcohol to remove finger prints. The sheet is 3M self-adhesive for convenience and is easily cut to size by scoring with a sharp knife then bending.