MK10 All Metal Hot End Kit 0.3mm

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MK10 All Metal Hot End Kit – 0.3mm Nozzle

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MK10 All Metal Hot End Kit 0.3mm

This Kit contains the following items to upgrade a MK10 Extruder System to All-Metal (for high temperature materials):

Brass Nozzle in 0.3mm Aperture Size

Aluminium Thermal Break 

Stainless Steel Thermal Break to Nozzle interface.

This kit is an ideal upgrade to any MK10 System where a higher temperature is required without the danger of burning a PTFE Tube liner as in traditional MK10 Hot End assemblies. PET-G based filaments also benefit from All-Metal hot ends due to the longer melt zone offered by the all metal hot end.

Important Notes: 

  • This kit contains 3 components – Nozzle, Thermal break and Thermal Break Interface adapter.

  • It does not include a heater block, thermistor/thermocouple or heater cartridge.

  • When using an all-metal hot end assembly, it is very important to consider your temperature and retraction settings. Typically a reduced temperature can be utilized for standard materials because of the longer melt zone. Reduced retraction value (such as 0.8 or 1.0mm for direct extruders) is essential for reliable operation. This is due to the nature of this assembly – it has a very sharp transition zone and as such, is less forgiving of large retraction values which lead to molten material travelling too high in the thermal break – resulting in molten filament sticking and setting on the cold side.

  • When assembling the All Metal Hot End, please exercise care – Threads on Nozzle and Stainless Steel Interface are M7 as are normal MK10 hardware – however the fine thread on the Thermal Break which mounts to the Stainless adapter (Topside) is a very fine thread and can be damaged by over-tightening.

Suitable for a wide variety of MK10 and Similar style Direct Extruders such as Flashforge Dreamer/Creator, Geeetech I3 Prusa style printers, Wombot Ceto V2, Skeletus and Cubus, Wanhao/Cocoon Create/Touch. 

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