Genuine Duet 3 MB 6XD

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Genuine Duet 3 MB 6XD

The Duet 3 Mainboard 6XD is designed to allow interfacing with the most common external stepper and servo motor drivers using step and direction signals, with support for 6 external drivers. In addition it provides opto-isolated Input and Output connections for some of the GPIO functions to allow easier interfacing with PLC control systems.

Like the other Duet 3 mainboards it can be accessed directly over the network in stand alone mode (via the Ethernet port) or it has the option of using an SBC (Single Board Computer, e.g. Raspberry Pi) for control. Using the Duet 3 CAN-FD bus it is expandable with the range of Duet 3 expansion and tool boards.

  • Processor: ATSAMV71Q20B. Alternatively the ATSAME70Q20B will be used. They are functionally equivalent in this design
  • Processor features: 32-bit, 300MHz ARM Cortex M7, 1Mb flash, 384Kb RAM, hardware floating point (double precision), DMA, 32Kb cache
  • Networking/Comms: 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet, or via attached SBC; USB port; serial port; CAN-FD bus
  • External Driver Support: 6 ports with step/direction/enable outputs, and fault inputs. Signalling is 5V single ended.
  • High current outputs: 3 x 6A each
  • Medium current output: 6 x PWM-controlled outputs, of which 3 support tacho input. Voltage selectable between VIN / 12V / external power, in 2 individually-fused banks. 1 x VIN-voltage, always-on output. 1 x 12V, always-on output.
  • Thermistor/PT1000 inputs: 4, optimised for 100K thermistors and PT1000 sensors
  • Inputs/Outputs: 9 on-board I/O connectors for endstop, filament monitor, Z probe, hobby servo, or PanelDue connection. Inputs are 30V-tolerant. 4 of the 9 pairs of IO also have alternative opto-isolated connectors.
  • Power monitoring: VIN voltage monitoring allows for state save on power failure.12V regulator output voltage also monitored
  • SD card interface: On-board high speed (25Mbytes/sec) SD card socket. External SD card socket (e.g. on attached PanelDue) also supported.

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Advanced 3D Printing Electronics Duet3D controller boards are advanced controller boards designed for various applications such as 3D printers, CNC, laser cutters and other. It is open source controller board that is running on a 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU and runs open source firmware that has huge support from the developers and the community. The boards are easily expandable and makes them perfect for use in custom 3d printer applications and/or other CNC or laser projects. The boards have super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers that can handle up to 2.4A stepper motors. The boards are connected to the network either via USB or Ethernet connections and makes life so much easier when you are 3D printing, because you can use web interface from your browser on either PC or any other device. And if the output rich board is still not enough for you - you can go one step further and add additional expansion board that will contain up to 7 additional drivers and other outputs. Aurarum produced printers are mostly based on the Duet3d controller boards. We use and sell genuine boards with high success and our customers like it. The boards can bet either used with common LCD12864 screens or could be used with 5" and 7" touch screen panels of your choice. The touchscreen panels can be either sourced from elsewhere or you could use nicely Duet3D designed integrated panels that a compact, look nice and work out of the box.   The feature rich 32-bit controller board makes it perfect choice for your next 3d printer job.  

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