Double sided PEI flexible bed with magnetic base 600×620

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Double sided – you can flip over and use on either side.

max recommended temp 120C – due to the adhesive on the magnet

Images are sample images and final product might be slightly different shape or colour

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Double sided PEI flexible bed with magnetic base 600×630



What is genuine powder coated PEI?

  • The color is amber(light golden). Prusa uses black steel, that’s why it looks black.
  • In general, you can print PLA, PETG, TPU and some strong stickiness filaments without heating.  If not, you probably bought a fake one.
  • The surface is matte or textured.  If you touch it and it feels like glass or oil painted, then it’s fake.
  • Most sellers are selling fake PEI, even some famous brands. 

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