Create/upload filament profiles

Vega printers have an option to have preset retraction settings that are stored in the firmware of the printer.

You simply have to define in the slicer (there is another page on how to setup Cura properly) that it is firmware retraction and it will all be done automatically.

For this go to Filament section in your printers web console.

Click on the Upload Filament Configs and upload filament profiles: 

Aurarum Filament profiles

Additional profiles can be created simply by right click on the profile and cloning it. Change the settings afterwards

Select "Load Filament" option for the extruder you intend to use
Choose the filament that you require
Once the filament has been loaded it will indicate which filament is in use. Click again to replace it
if you select the filament tab from the main menu it will open a window with configs for that particular filament. You can modify and tune the settings from here.
M207 line represents retractions settings. S parameter defines retraction while F is the speed mm/min. M572 is a pressure advance setting