Bed levelling

Bed levelling sometimes might be fairly scarry.

Depending on the model your printer comes either with 2 or 4 independent Z ballscrews that allow either side to side or 4 corner correction. It is possible that the bed might sag due to its own weight or accidental weight applied to the printer bed by the operator, thus instead of doing manual correction and levelling we have tools for that.

To compensate for a potential warping of the bed the printer uses BLTouch auto levelling sensor.

True lvelling using independent ballscrews

 Compensation and calibration meniu is located under the Dashbord section of your printer web control panel.

 Under this section click on the drop down menu and you will see the options that available as in the image to the left.
Click on the True bed leveling. You might have to do auto home all axis before this function will perform the task.
Depending on your 3D printer model the printer will measure either 2 or 4 points on the bed and will adjust them accordingly to get the bed as level as possible.


As mentioned before your 3d printer is fitted with a BLTouch sensor that is used for bed levelling in case there is still some surface undulation and or other issues with the surface.

Auto levelling fuction is enabled via G29 function at the start of your Gcode.

G29/auto levelling option cannot be used with the IDEX models since the printer would compensate only for one of the nozzle and not the other, thus the bed has to be levelled via the True levelling and/or raft should be used. Raft is most common bed compensation option from the other manufacturers.

After the print starts the printer will auto home and then will probe the bed at certain amount of touch points. Once it has been done the print will start. The bed will move up and down to compensate for any issues with the surface undulation.

Under normal operating mode the BLTouch will glow solid red or might in some cases slowly blink. 

If the probe cannot perform auto test of itself it will go into error mode and will start blinking

Damaged BLTouch/Errors

From time to time it happenst that the BLtouch might get damaged and will go into the error mode. This usually happens if the BLTouch hits the print and bends the pin.

In cases like that the probe will not be able to perform neither selftest nor bed probing.

The probe will blink and once the printer is home the Z axis will go up (bed will go down). This is the self preservation mode when the printer assumes that the nozzle is already at the bed level and starts going up to prevent collision between the bed and nozzle.

In this case you will have either to replace the whole BLTouch or the spare pin and make sure that the probe light is solid red.