First things first

Connect your printer to your Wifi network.

For this go to the tab more and select Wifi

Enter your SSID in the first empty window and the password in the second one.

Press login

Once the connection has been established you will have an IP address displayed below. You will use this IP address to log into your printer from the PC/Mac/Phone or tablet

The printer screen has 5 tabs – all them have different functions.

Home screen will allow you to Home all axis and disable motors. This is handy when you want to move the print head

Heating tab will allow you to set and control temperatures for your nozzles and the print bed

Printhead can be chosen from the carousel sliding left and right

The temperature can be either adjusted by using plus and minus or if you press on the white 245C area it will allow you to enter the value that you want

Print tab will change depending if the printer is printing or not.

When the printer is idling it will have an option to select print => print file

or it will have an option to run MACRO command. It is handy when you need to reset bltcouh for instance

Once it is printing you will have access to the status of the print and the parameter window where you can make adjustments to the print parameters. From this screen you can also microstep the nozzle up and down when the print is starting. This allows fine tuning of the gap between the nozzle and the plate for the first layer.

You can also pause and resume the print from this menu


Move section allows you to jog the printhead and the bed up and down.

Select the distance you want to move either of them on the right and press plus or minus for the relevant axis.

Please note that the axis will not move if they have not been homed prior. This can be done from this screen as well.

This section also allows to load/unload the filament.