Mellow FLY-? V1 Board Replaces Raspberry Pi PC With Klipper & Reprap Firmware For Ender 3 Voron Vzbot V-core 3 3D Printer Parts

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The purpose of making this board is to make it easier for customers to use klipper firmware or RRF firmware.

We are pleased to announce the newly upgraded FLY-π motherboard. It now has 1GB of DDR Ram on board, allowing a full desktop (based on Armbian) to be run. The board can be used with both Klipper and RRF firmware and can even can run klipper screen while using the latest SHT board. This board can replace Raspberry Pi for Klipper.

An EMMc+SDIO extension supports wifi and 32G storage function to the motherboard.

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RRF information can be found at

4*Cortex high-performance processor

RAM: 1024M DDR3

GPU: ARM Mali450


USB Host2.0*3 USB-OTG*1




Emmc+Sdio extension*1

Ethernet: 100M
5V Controllable Fan Port*1

VCC uncontrollable fan port*1

VCC port*1

Can port (requires separate purchase of CAN module)*1
This screen is made to meet the needs of customers for small-sized touch color screens. Although the screen is relatively small, it is sufficient for use. Compared with the 12864 screen, it can display more information. After your slicing software makes thumbnails, you can directly Viewing model thumbnails on screen is great.
The screen display interface is from
Using our Fly-Gemini/π motherboard can directly connect Fly TFT screen, but Fly-Gemini version 1.0 and 1.1 do not use Canbus when using Fly TFT screen.It is the perfect choice to use with our Fly-Gemini/π motherboard
Model Number : FLY TFT V1 Screen
Appearance Size: 98*56MM
Power Input: DC5v
Supper: Klipper
Screen size: 3.5
Screen Type: Resistive Touch Color Screen
Refresh Rate: 50fps
Line Length: 30CM
Connection Type: Spi



1*FLY-π V1 Board

1*Fly TFT V1.0 Screen

1*2.4G USB wireless network card(Network transmission speed 2-3m/s)

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