Creality3D LD-002h Monochrome UV Resin LCD 3D Printer

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Creality LD-002H, the new upgradable resin 3d printer redesigned by LD-002R, but with130*82*160mm large building volume, allows you to print more different sizes of models. adaptable for dental modules & sample, suitable for 3d printing business start-ups and 3d printing manufacturers.


LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Properties

Modeling Technology: LCD

Print Size: 130x82x160mm

Print Speed: 1-4s/layer

LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Hardware

Screen: 3.5-inch touch screen

Machine Size: 221x221x403mm

Package Size: 295x295x540mm

Machine Weight: 8.3KG

Layer Height: 0.03-0.05mm

XY axis Precision: 0.051mm

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Creality3D LD-002h Monochrome UV Resin LCD 3D Printer

LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Features

  • New Definition of Resin 3D Printer, LD-002H with Large Molding Size with 130*82*160mm, realizes the larger printing space and offers you more choices.
  • Refined Results: 1620*2560 High Resolution with High Precision, it manifests every detail of the model from point to surface, the precision is up to 51 μm.
  • LCD HD Screen: With enhanced transparency, the curing time of the model is 1-4s/layer, which speeds up 10% compared with the similar resin 3d printer.
  • Upgrade UV Light Source Module: Creality LD-002H is equipped with a UV integrated light source and the upgraded transmission system, the light source reaches 8000uw/cm², Stable Light source decides the higher print success rate.
  • Z-axis Linear Rail: Stability is the prerequisite to realize high print precision, the Z-axis linear rail ensures a high precision movement. A stable mechanical structure gives you refined results.
  • Air Filtration System with Activated Carbon: Activated carbon can effectively reduce the emission of the odor from resin and more environmental-friendly.
  • Manually Leveling System: LD-002H resin 3d printer keeps the distance of a piece of paper by lowering the printing platform, then lock the leveling nut to finish the leveling.
  • Powerful Slicer Software: Creality LD-002H resin 3d printer is equipped with CHITU BOX, it supports one-key to add the model support and adjust the modeling size, easy to achieve all functions you want.
  • 3.5 Inchi Full-color Touch Screen: A simple UI design interface can monitor real-time printing information, easy to operate, and more user-friendly.




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