Creality SLA / DLP FEP sheets 2pcs

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  • Size:235mm×235mm, suitable for Creality Ender 3, Ender 3X, Ender-3 Pro, CR20 3d printer
  • Suitable for PLA and PLA-based materials,not for use with high-temperature printing applications above 70℃.
  • All New Functionality: Introducing the first ever removable, magnetically secured, build surface for hassle free model removal. Say goodbye to all those removal tools, spatulas, and knives with this genius design.
  • Easy Removal Sheet: The first 3D printing surface designed with model removal in mind. This surface is easily removed, and flexible. Simply print on the surface, remove the upper magnetic surface from the lower, bend the flexible surface and watch the model fall right into your hands.
  • Simple Installation: Build surface comes with upper magnetic build surface and lower magnetic adhesive base. Place lower 3M adhesive surface on top of normal build plate.



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-FEP melts at high temperature, passes through the extrusion equipment, and is poured into a similar plane to form with uniform thickness
-FEP is chemically inert, does not react with other substances, and is easy to demold
-Optical grade film, transmittance reaches 95% -99% with different thickness
-Abrasion resistance is not affected by strong acids, alkalis, oxidants, and long service life
-High temperature resistance, long-term working temperature 205 ℃, melting point 260 ℃




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